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Refresh the Kāwhia Community Plan
Refresh the Ōtorohanga Rural Community Plan
Strengthen and celebrate the relationship between town and country
Promote Kāwhia as the 'Jewel in the Crown'
Complete the sealing of Raglan Road
Investigate Heartland Cycle routes connecting National Cycle ways
A new hotel for Ōtorohanga
Promote the 'Ōtorohanga Lifestyle' for digital (work from home) workers and businesses
Refresh the Ōtorohanga Community Plan
Water / Waste Water upgrade for Kāwhia
Develop the Kāwhia heritage story - Buildings and Sites
Reinvigorate Ōtorohanga - Main Street, new Town Hall, Signage, Parks and Trails
Promote / Facilitate new residential development
Grow the mana and community pride in Ōtorohanga College
Build Community Resilience through health and social services partnerships
Build transition pathways for youth from school to higher study / good jobs
Celebrate the Kingitanga and promote Ōtorohanga as the Gateway to the King Country
Promote Ōtorohanga District as a destination
Grow / Develop Rural Hamlets
Understand, value and celebrate the unique history and stories of the District
Develop Progress Park (Industrial)
Promote recreational opportunities - fishing, hunting, cycling
Create a touring route connecting Kāwhia, Ōtorohanga and Waitomo Caves